Schedule a Balinese Workshop during your time at Bali Mountain Retreat to learn more about Indonesian culture and techniques. A memorable experience for all ages. Group rates are available. Ask us about your preferred Workshop(s) when booking your Retreat or Accommodation.


Guests will learn about the exotic herbs and spices used in ceremonial and everyday Balinese dishes, encouraged to actively help prepare the Balinese food to enjoy for lunch or dinner.

Balinese food is known to have stronger flavours and aroma due to the generous use of lemongrass, chilies, lime leaves, galangal, and other spices. Our girls will take you on a culinary adventure divulging the secrets of authentic Balinese cooking, using traditional ingredients and preparation methods, learn how to prepare a selection of traditional Balinese dishes using fresh ingredients.

The best part about this workshop is that you get to eat your efforts afterwards.



Experience the cultural art of Balinese Dancing, a style that is dynamic, angular and intensely expressive. Our trained guide will show you the motions as you delve into this exciting Indonesian experience.

In Balinese dance the movement is closely associated with the rhythms produced by the gamelan, a musical ensemble specific to the area. Multiple levels of articulations in the face, eyes, hands, arms, hips, and feet are coordinated to reflect layers of percussive sounds.
Hands have a typically ornamental role and emphasize the dance’s delicate intricacy. Learn a special dance routine and perform it with your group!

Please enquire for availability of this workshop.



Flying kites is a centuries-old tradition in Bali—thought to deliver messages to the Hindu gods asking for abundant harvests—and almost every child here knows how to craft their own. Learn the intricate art of building a kite’s framework from bamboo, attaching plastic and strings.

Take it flying through the breeze on Mount Batukaru.



Learn the local art of Balinese weaving and crafting. Create a unique Balinese decoration that you can take home and display in your home.Everywhere you go in Bali, from the temples to house gates, you will find countless decorations made of young coconut leaves.

Our instructor will teach you how to weave natural materials into a special handcrafted piece to take home.