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Guided Walks and Treks

We have a number of treks, walks and tours available, with options suitable for people of various ages and fitness levels. Participating in our programme of activities is a fun way to learn about local culture, traditions and the natural environment while exploring the local area. All treks, walks and tours are conducted by local English speaking guides. Prices of all treks include the cost of guides and transfers back to Bali Mountain Retreat where stated. With some options, lunch is also included.
Note : Please note that availability of some guided walks and treks will be subject to weather conditions. We usually start your trek early in the morning as the weather is more likely to be favorable at this time.​


Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate. All ages.
This 3-4 hour walk through the coffee/cacao plantation by rice fields with stunning views will take you to a local Bali Hindu temple, Pura Muncak Sari. This temple in the forest is rarely visited by tourists. Discover some of the local flora and fauna during the trek.

Once at the Temple, our guide will help you put on a sarong (required) then enter the inner temple. The local Pemangku (Bali Hindu priest) will perform a short ceremony as a welcome to the mountain, a very spiritual place for the Balinese people.

The return walk is through the gardens where the chocolate fruit (Cacao)can be tasted, then back to BMR for a freshly made lunch.



Difficulty Level: Moderate. Ages 15+
This 3-4 hour trek is a mountain forest walk in the Batukaru Nature Reserve. It is designed for people who want to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the protected montane forest. Being south facing, the onshore winds give this area a high annual rainfall and lush green vegetation results.

All who visit this area are amazed at its beauty, a truly wonderful hiking experience. Your guide will point out amazing plant life, beautiful butterflies and if the forest allows, monkeys and the Kijang who live here.

We limit numbers on the treks to conserve the sensitive forest. The flora and fauna, now protected, are abundant in this nature reserve.



Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate. All ages.
This 3 – 4 hour walk via the traditional village of Sarinbuana, takes you for a stroll through the famous sculptured rice fields to the river where you may take a refreshing dip in the cool mountain water. Meander along the riverbank then back up to the main road where you can see 2 very old Lycee trees.

The village of Sarinbuana dates back to the Bali Aga era (the original inhabitants of Bali) probably around 1108AD. The practices here are very traditional and have remained unchanged for many years.

Cool down in the very clean water of the mountain stream. Return to Bali Mountain Retreat for a delicious lunch.



Difficulty Level: Difficult. All Day. Ages 14+ PRE-BOOKING REQUIRED.
Trek the second highest mountain in Bali, the sacred Mt Batukaru. This trek can be made in one 9 hour day for active trekkers. It is considered difficult as there are challenging, steep sections near the summit.

The summit trek is available during the dry season, June – September, weather permitting, by advance booking only. The hike begins at 7.30am so we can arrive back in daylight at about 4.30pm. Starting from 700m the trek will climb to 2275 m, the second highest point in Bali. Walking through the forest on the mountain,your guide will point out amazing plant life, beautiful butterflies and, if the forest allows, monkeys and the Kijang that live here. The views in clear weather from the top are stunning.

Our environmental policy is such that we limit numbers on this trek as the Mt Batukaru summit trek enters sensitive rainforest in the nature reserve.



Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult. Ages 12+
The Mount Batukaru six hour trek is a jungle trek for those who would like to experience the mountain forest without having to negotiate the steep and most difficult part of the mountain. This trek is also an alternative to the Summit trek in inclement weather. This six hour trek incorporates the jungle mountain climb and the rice field trek.

Starting from 700m the trek will climb to 1400m, about 2 hours through the forest. Your guide will point out amazing plant life, beautiful butterflies and, if the forest allows, monkeys and the Kijang that live here. Lunch is provided after the mountain trek, then we proceed to the Rice fields.

The changing landscape as you climb the mountain is evident in the flora and fauna. Moss, prehistoric tree ferns, wildflowers, creepers, orchids, butterflies and many birds can be seen in the moist primary forest (montane forest).



Difficulty Level: Easy. All ages.
This 2 to 2 1/2 hour walk through the abundant food forest will give you an opportunity to see the coffee, cacao and vanilla plantations in the local area and learn about the methods used during their cultivation and processing. You can sample the cacao pod flesh if it is in season and hopefully see the local Balinese farmers tending their food gardens.