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There’s even a free trading course centered around an SPY option strategy. Excited to have Brent Kochuba back on the show to help explain call and put walls in regards to the options market. Feedspot has a team of over 50 experts whose goal is to discover and rank blogs, podcasts and youtube channels in several niche categories.

You can also take advantage of the volatility in stocks by purchasing long puts. Long put options can offer you a large percentage price change in a short period of time. This is because the price of stocks can increase significantly prior to the expiration date of an option.

Most of their podcasts last for 30 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes. It is an ideal amount of time for podcasts of any kind. But The Option Alpha Podcast bothers themselves to make a better experience for you guys. You can https://forexarena.net/ also listen to their podcast from their website. Generally, they don’t appear on Spotify or iTunes. Be sure to check Episode 42 with Brent Kachuba from SpotGamma.com to learn more about the hedging impact of options flow.

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It is best used when there is an event looming with a binary outcome. In this situation, where a large move is expected, this is one of host Russ Mathews favorite trading strategies. Russ will teach you the strategy, the proper mechanics to frame the trade and provide two examples. In this episode of the Modern Stock & Options Trading Show, host Russ Mathews will show you a new stock & options strategy, called The Covered Combination Strategy.

The Business of Staying Wealthy with Homer Smith of Konvergent Wealth

In this episode of the Modern Stock & Options Trading Show, we will build on the last show covering how to trade volatility. We now find markets in a season of ‘extreme volatility,’ with market indexes rising and crashing 1,000-2,000 points every day . Host Russ Mathews will illustrate how to take advantage of extreme volatility with his six-point playbook for trading and investing through extreme volatility. In addition, rules to protect the downside at certain levels is covered.

By tracking the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 Index, we get a broad and focused view of the equity markets in the United States. What if you want to listen to professional stock traders talking about options trading? This podcast is for everybody interested stock trading, option trading, investing in real estate, making money and motivation. Your host is Markus Heitkoetter, a self-made multi-millionaire, bestselling author, and the Leading Trading and Investment Expert.

Podcast – Episode 130 – How To Trade (And Profit From) The FED

The Option Alpha Podcast is one of the best podcasts if you are looking for inspiration and motivation in options trading. They usually break down a whole case study related to options trading. In today’s show, I’ll walk through four clever, dare I say “wicked-smart”, ways to leverage our proprietary SmartPricing technology for routing orders intelligently to the markets. If you’re already trading with us at Option Alpha then you’ll learn some new techniques that will help improve the efficiency of your bots and automations. Tony looks at three trades today TWTR,SHOP and a post earnings trade in ZM!

The game plan of buying the dip’ but scaling in is shared. In this episode of the Modern Stock & Options Trading Show, Russ teaches the definition of ‘capitulation,’ and provides two ways to measure capitulation and tell if the equity markets are at or near a bottom. In addition, Russ provides the macro-economic landscape and where we can potentially go from here. And their ultimate goal is to give you financial freedom. There are a lot of people struggling to pay their bills on time or unable to pay their rent and many other financial problems. They have uploaded 214 episodes till now, they might upload another podcast by the time you read about the podcast here.

So the other day, I was talking on my phone to a friend and the word migraine came out. We were talking about her child that does he have migraines. It was just one or two times that the word migraine was used. One of my 12 month books is called the principle by Richard Koch. Now, a 12-month book is one of the 12 books that I read every year. So every month, I’ll have one of these books, read it, and then I’ll implement.

Therefore, you should use care when calculating the risks of a long put. If you short-sell a stock, you are rooting against the company you’re buying. This is because you’re taking a negative position in the stock you don’t want to lose. This will give you a position that is long in the option market.

And so the 8020 principle is something that I need to work on. That’s why I keep going through it over and over again. Now, this weekend, I was at the library with my kids getting them some books, and I came across this book, the 8020 manager by Richard Koch now, this guy’s really milking this 8020 thing.

The podcast is a great way to learn to trade options. We also give in depth explanations of risk to help listeners have a mindset that is strategic and methodical. The show does not use the option Greeks to discuss risk. Because of this, the level of confusion is reduced.

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In this episode of the Modern Stock & Options Trading Show, you will learn how to properly frame your portfolio before you start trading and investing. This framework brings together asset allocation & risk management and is the critical process to manage your portfolio and where the stock & options strategies will fit in. This risk finotrade management needs to be done before you trade. In this episode of the Modern Stock & Options Trading Show, you will be introduced to one of host Russ Mathews favorite trading strategies – the Large Unprotected Covered Call Trade. Russ will teach you what it is, why it is so powerful and the proper mechanics to frame the trade.

Whether you’re an active options trader or just getting started in the options market, The Option Block will keep you informed and entertained. A cash-flow option is an investment that is worth it for the near future. The stock might not have the same intrinsic value as it does right now but it’s worth purchasing at a lower cost than its intrinsic value. A call option is In-the-money if the current market price is higher than the strike price. These options can be used to invest in stocks that have an excellent chance of rising in value.

The Weekly Option Podcast, hosted by an ex-floor trader from the CBOE , is a weekly program that offers practical trades and discussion for beginners and professionals alike. Today I wanted to talk to you about the trader’s journey. And I think it’s because it’s a lot about psychology. So in marketing, one of the things that I’ve been learning about recently is something called the hero’s journey.

The WINNING PICK$ podcast helps investors uncover the best trading ideas in the market every single day. Offering a unique approach that combines educational content with simple yet powerful tools, WINNING PICK$ harnesses the power of a community to provide a complete, engaging, and rewarding experience. Welcome to the Modern Stock and Options Trading Show. The distinction between out-of the-money and in-the money options can be substantial.

Hey CE, thank you so much really enjoyed having you on the show today. Appreciate the generosity of the information and hope to have you back some other time. Hosted by Mark Benzaquen, OIC Instructor and Principal, Investor Education at OCC®, the OIC Wide World of Options podcast will feature a dynamic mix of current events, investor resources and strategy insights. From sleep to saving money to parenting and more, we talk to the experts to get the best advice out there. Your subscription supports the show and unlocks an exclusive sponsor-free feed.

Calculating break even prices for different option strategies isn’t as complicated and overwhelming as it might seem. Yes, you do need to perform some basic math functions to find different break even prices but it’s certainly not rocket science. Plus, it’s an invaluable concept to master because it’s critical to your success as a trader. In today’s show, I’ll help you understand what break even prices are and how to calculate them for all of the most popular option strategies. Yep, that’s right, we’re going to walk through everything together step by step so you can finally master it once and for all. What if you could build an automated strategy that navigates all market conditions?

One of the most common answers to this question is centered around consistency in trading. So in this episode, I talk through a few different ways to think about consistency as it can mean different things to different people. Spotgamma.com provides powerful insights from the options market through their proprietary stats and indicators. I discuss these tools in order of my trading process, not necessarily in the order of best tool. If you are looking at a new trading tool, you need to see where the tool will fit in your trading process or you’ll probably not use it and will waste your money.