Live the music dream in Bali

This unique retreat welcomes everyone interested in a highly-relaxing, culturally-intriguing, musically-inspiring ‘escape from the busy life,’ on the gorgeous Bali mountain with good food and good people. Retreat designed for up to 25 people.

Though musicians and songwriters of all levels of experience are certainly encouraged to come, we cannot emphasize this enough: you need not be a musician or songwriter, or even have ever laid hands on an instrument to be part of this retreat! An interest in a deeper experience of Bali and a simple love for music/musical environments is all that’s required!

The Experience

TIME(lessness) and the right SPACE, simply... TO BE! Just being here at Bali Mountain Retreat on glorious Mt Batukau offers pure inspiration ('Taksu'). Enjoy the freedom to explore this peaceful place in Bali, finding your own creative space.

UBUD performance/celebration: our group hits the road aboard the 'magic bus' for a day in Bali’s artistic/cultural centre, culminating in an intimate evening of live music performances at a cozy venue in Ubud. Members of our retreat are welcome to perform, or simply enjoy the show and all features of Bali's most artistically rich town. FOR ALL.

Amazing Workshops

GUITARISTS of all levels: total beginners to shredmeisters - Welcome! A wonderful opportunity to learn ‘mojo guitar tips’ from a maestro in the scene. Advance your playing, jamming, understanding, in the joy of the instrument.

The Art of Songwriting: Songwriting workshops and jam sessions . FOR ALL / including beginning songwriters and non-musicians: YES, welcome to participate! Songwriting workshops.

Singing from the Heart: group and individualized vocal work (and play!) FOR ALL including total beginner vocalists/shower song heroes/amateurs/professionals: all welcome.

Introduction to Balinese Music, I Made Subandi. Hands-on workshop FOR ALL.

Music In Nature (Taksu - 'divine inspiration') - we take our voices and/or instruments into the mountain forest and 'let the music play us' (shared living/healing experience FOR ALL).

Features Included

  • Evening performance parties at the Retreat, featuring anyone in our group who would like to participate. You may be joined by some locals, culminating in a jam session, featuring Western music, Balinese music, and whatever else comes up! All styles welcome!
  • Day/evening trip to artistic centre, Ubud, and celebration/performance at an intimate local venue. As a celebration of our group’s creativity, the musicians and those amongst us keen to perform will have the opportunity to do so! All styles will be welcome, and there will be no pressure for the shy amongst us, or the non-musicians to perform.
  • Ceremony – Depending on the time of year, we may join a local Hindu ceremony and visit the village afterwards for food and socializing.
  • Experience the mountain! Hiking on Mt. Batukaru is encouraged. Batukaru features the last preserved forest of Bali: its gorgeous!
  • Balinese Massage – you won’t miss out on the mountain! Expert, personally-attentive masseurs available at low prices compared to the expensive tourist scene.
  • Time, Space, and the ideal Natural Setting… to relax, unwind, play music, write, create, interact, commune with the mountain spirits…. It’s your holiday.

Music Retreat Package Includes

  • Pick up and drop off transfers to/from Bali Mountain Retreat
  • Complimentary arrival drink & refreshments
  • Balinese Blessing upon arrival to Mount Batukaru
  • Accommodation with daily housekeeping service
  • All meals at Bali Mountain Retreat, which include breakfasts, lunches, dinners and refreshments
  • Full hot buffet breakfast : Typical breakfast includes; eggs (any style), sautéed green vegetables and mushroom, curried tomatoes, toast, bacon or potato cake, fresh tropical fruit salad and yoghurt, tea, coffee and orange juice, homemade muesli and/or cereal.
  • Buffet Lunch: Typically a mix of Indonesian styled dishes e.g. Crispy Tempe, Ayam Bakar, Nasi Kuning, Cap Cay, and Organic Raw Foods dishes, quiches and salads. Fruit platter, teas, coffee and Mountain spring water.
  • Buffet Dinner: Include up to 2 International Meat dishes, up to 4 Vegetarian dishes, soup and rice or Potato dishes. (Menus can be forwarded upon request) this is followed by a choice of 2-3 desserts e.g. Fried bananas and Ice cream, chocolate cake and cream or ice cream.
  • Complimentary Balinese massage (1 hour)
  • Complimentary drinking water for the duration of the retreat- we offer mountain spring water which is UV filtered
  • Free WIFI Access (use own laptop)
  • Guided Trek through the cacao and coffee plantations to the rice fields and into the localvillage (3hrs) OR Guided Trek to the local Bali Hindu temple in the mountain forest