Bali Mountain Retreat supports many local projects including the following:

The Enemy Plastic Project

The Enemy 'Plastic' Project

BMR and their staff talked about a plan to clean up the village with some locals. They decided to work together on this project along with some guests, to put in place a system where plastic could be collected and taken to the local recycling center in Tabanan.

Sarinbuana Arja Revival

The Sarinbuana Arja Revival

BMR is helping to sponsor the newly formed Arja traditional drama group performing in the village. Arja traditionally enacts old stories mainly based on the Panji Romances (11-14th. centuries) and uses dialogue that is understood only by Balinese-speaking audiences.

Sarinbuana Childrens Dance

Sarinbuana Childrens Dance

The children in this area are keen to learn the tradional dances for temple ceremonies etc, however, they do not have a teacher in the village. BMR is sponsoring these classes by hiring a traditional dance instructor. They will then be able to perform at important ceremonies in the local temple.

Childrens Art Classes

Childrens Balinese Art Classes

We are starting a new project with an artist in the local village to teach the children Balinese art. These classes will be held weekly and will be sponsored by BMR to give the local children a chance to learn the artform. BMR is a keen supporter of this type of locally inspired project.